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Revealed Atmosphere Drones Vol. 2


Revealed Atmosphere Drones Vol. 2 is an inspirational library of drones, soundscapes, and textures to animate your tracks.

Inside there are 70 drones, each 1.5-3 minutes long, sorted by key, for a total of over 150 minutes.

With Revealed Atmosphere Drones Vol. 2, you’ll find a stunning collection of storytelling tools of the beautiful and heavenly to the dark and disturbing sound world atmospheres to create a new level of depth and texture in your tracks!

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Spire Pads Vol. 1


Revealed Spire Pads Vol. 1 is a collection of 32 presets carefully crafted to bring new life and storytelling into your music.

You’ll find a large and diverse selection of ambient pads, atmospheric textures, evolving drones, shimmering rhythms, ethereal soundscapes, and emotive movements. Additionally, each preset is assigned advanced modwheel assignments and all four macro controls are programmed to give you more options and control shaping your sound.

With Revealed Spire Pads Vol. 1, you’ll discover a gateway into imagining new creative worlds.

Reveal Yourself.

Ameyah Origins Sylenth1 Soundset


“Once upon a time,
Lay a land desolate with no design,

Yet mystery surrounded the forsaken,
As something suddenly awakened.

Emerged a divine embodiment,
Limitless imminence,
Boundless omnipotence,
The ambivalence of synthesis,

Unknown but organic,
Life began to roam the planet,
This is where the story begins,
Welcome to our Origins.”