Revealed Serum Leads Collection Bundle


Save over 40% on Serum Leads Collection Bundle!

Full Price: $199.50
Bundle Deal: $117

Bundle includes:

Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 1
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 2
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 3
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 4
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 5
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 6
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 7
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 8
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 9
Revealed Serum Leads Vol. 10

Total: 320 presets

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Revealed Progressive Arps Vol. 1


Revealed Progressive Arps Vol. 1 is a collection of 50 MIDI and 150 Arp Loops ready to use as support harmonies or main leads in your productions.

Each MIDI has 3 different layered loop expressions, labeled by key, so you can test out a variety of melodic melodies right away. Or, you can take your favorite MIDI melodies and reconstruct them exactly how you want using your preferred presets!

Reveal Yourself.


Alonso Massive Rising Star Soundset Vol. 1


The Massive Rising Star Soundset Vol. 1 contains 100 presets and covers everything you need to make your next club hit, with focus on Trance and Big Room House. Each patch has all 8 macros assigned meticulously so you can change the sound completely with each macro parameter! Crafted by one of the best young industry talents in the world, Slavik gives us a foretaste of his proficiency in sound design with the “Rising Star” stamp.

Bundle 8: Complete Maarten Vorwerk Soundset Collection


This bundle offers Maarten Vorwerk’s Soundsets for Sylenth1 and Spire. The Maarten Vorwerk signature big room sound is at your fingertips.

The normal price for these products is $98, but this Bundle offers a 25% discount for a total of just $74.


Revealed Serum Bass House Vol. 1


Revealed Serum Signature Soundset Vol. 4 is filled with 128 of the most modern-day sounding presets for Serum to date!

You’ll find a spectacular array of hard-hitting basses, an immense selection of leads, stunning plucks, and much more – all easily customizable to fit into your music. Among every preset having modwheel assignments, each preset is assigned all four macro controls programmed to give you an abundance of inspiring performance shaping features.

You have everything right at your fingertips and the ability to select a variety of new and advanced presets used by Revealed producers themselves.

Reveal Yourself.