Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Collection Bundle


Save over 40% on Sylenth1 Plucks Collection Bundle!

Full Price: $199.50
Bundle Deal: $117

Bundle includes:

Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 1
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 2
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 3
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 4
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 5
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 6
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 7
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 8
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 9
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 10

Total: 320 presets

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Bundle 8: Complete Maarten Vorwerk Soundset Collection


This bundle offers Maarten Vorwerk’s Soundsets for Sylenth1 and Spire. The Maarten Vorwerk signature big room sound is at your fingertips.

The normal price for these products is $98, but this Bundle offers a 25% discount for a total of just $74.


Alonso Dune Clubstars Soundset

$39.00 $12.00

It continues… another Clubstars treatment, this time for Synapse Audio’s Dune. Here are 100 sounds primed and ready for your next dance floor hit. This soundset is stocked with patches for your next anthem house, dirty dutch, and electro house tracks. All patches have modwheel controller assignments to let the user easily tweak each sound to their liking.


Revealed MIDI Anthems Vol. 3

$24.95 $17.00

Revealed MIDI Anthems Vol. 3 is for the producer who needs a boost of inspiration.

Spanning a collection of 90 original Revealed-style MIDI + 30 Bonus Loops, you’ll find what you need to boost your creative flow and inspiration. Just drag and drop a huge variety of inspiring Revealed-style MIDI files; from melodic chords, mainstage drops, and phat leads – all royalty free. To speed up your workflow, each MIDI and Bonus Loops file is labeled with its root key information.

Reveal Yourself.


Alonso NeuroBass Sounds Vol. 1 [Massive Soundset]

$39.00 $25.00

Neurobass Sounds Vol. 1 [Massive Soundset ONLY] contains 100 presets for NI Massive, included in the Alonso NeuroBass Sounds Vol. 1, and stands as the most complete collection of sounds for the Neurofunk and Dark DnB genres ever created.

It is filled with an assortment of 100 presets for NI Massive so you can have even more flexibility when finding a unique sound. In addition, each preset has all eight macro controls programmed for am abundance of sonic possibilities.

You have everything right at your fingertips and the ability to select a variety of new and advanced sounds never used in any existing soundsets in the genre.