Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Collection Bundle


Save over 40% on Sylenth1 Plucks Collection Bundle!

Full Price: $199.50
Bundle Deal: $117

Bundle includes:

Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 1
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 2
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 3
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 4
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 5
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 6
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 7
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 8
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 9
Revealed Sylenth1 Plucks Vol. 10

Total: 320 presets

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Bundle 8: Complete Maarten Vorwerk Soundset Collection


This bundle offers Maarten Vorwerk’s Soundsets for Sylenth1 and Spire. The Maarten Vorwerk signature big room sound is at your fingertips.

The normal price for these products is $98, but this Bundle offers a 25% discount for a total of just $74.


Revealed Spire Bass Vol. 1


Revealed Spire Bass Vol. 1 is a preset collection of 32 Bass sounds for your next Revealed track. From big room progressive to the festival mainstage, you’ll find the synth bass sounds used by Revealed producers.

Each preset has all 4 macros assigned to give you more creative possibilities to shape your sound just the way you want it.

Reveal Yourself.


Revealed Serum FX Vol. 1


Revealed Serum FX Vol. 1 is a collection of 64 presets and 152 samples to customize your own signature FX. From Downlifters, Impacts, Battle Cries, Screeches, Uplifters, Noise, and more, you’ll have the tools to craft and personalize your own FX.


Revealed India Vol. 1 – Spire Soundset


This release is for ONLY the Spire Soundset found inside Revealed India Vol. 1


Welcome to Revealed India Vol. 1; a fusion of the traditional and cultural sounds of India combined with the Revealed sound.

With a following spanning all across the world, we want to embrace the musical diversity of the Revealed family. And the next country in our global series showcasing the sounds from all around the world is, India.

Revealed India Vol 1 – Spire Soundset is a collection of 128 presets for Spire to give your tracks the signature Revealed sound, with an Indian influence.