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Alonso V-Station Essentials Soundset


This soundset delivers all the Essentials you need in your studio. The outstanding synth engine is capable of creating thick sounds that sound great with V-Station’s warm liquid filter. Every patch is programmed to take full advantage of V-Station’s liquid filter. Each parameter in every patch can easily be edited to suit to your personal taste.

Alonso V-Station Electro Bass Soundset


Morphing V-Station’s analog sound with it’s FM technology allows for fat and dirty sounding electro bass sounds. You get full control over the tone and shaping of each patch sound through the LP liquid filter. Each patch has a mod depth parameter that can be changed to personal taste. This is what electro is all about. A must have for all electro-house producers out there!

Bundle 1: All Products


Price: $1295

This bundle is designed for the new customer who wants to get started with everything you need to make music.

The normal price for these products is $2,175, but this Bundle offers a 40%+ discount for a total of just $1,295.