“I love this new soundset, I’m a huge fan of the Alonso sound banks. They are so clean and the sounds are fresh.” 

Hardwell — (Revealed | Spinnin | Ultra | Toolroom )

“This is excellent collection of sounds for dance production that covers all bases. Great work! Furthermore with a bit of tweaking you can really make these sounds your own!”


Above & Beyond — (Anjunabeats | Ultra)

“Loving this one! Loads of big, nasty, warm and phat sounds, perfect for today’s dance music! Quality stuff as always from the guys, I’m surely going to use some of the patches for my upcoming productions!”

Thomas Gold — (Axtone | Size | Ultra | Phazing)

“Loving the sounds Adam Alonso created for Sylenth1. An absolute must-have! The presets included are essential for creating the Bingo Players sound!”

BINGO PLAYERS — (Hysteria | Spinnin’ | Doorn | Ultra)

“We absolutely love working with SYLENTH1, great sounds which we always use in our productions…”


Showtek — (Skink | Revealed | Musical Freedom | Spinnin)

“I used Alonso soundbanks in almost all my productions so far, it’s a great asset!”

Dannic — (Revealed | Toolroom | Cr2)

“I love alonso’s soundbanks, combinated powerful uplifting sounds, definitely using this in my productions”

NICKY ROMERO — (Protocol | Spinnin | Size | Musical Freedom)

“Really quality sound, must have for our productions!”

VINAI — (Spinnin | Rise | Hussle)

Alonso Sound’s samples have been some of our most used over the past years, especially the Club Fills! Now, the spire and sylenth presets have also become some of our favourites…they are amazing!

Dzeko & Torres
Dzeko & Torres — (Musical Freedom | Monstercat | Doorn)

“Wow, this bank is jam packed with gorgeous sounds! I love to be inspired off of a great sounding patch and these not only do that, but each of them are fresh and rich sounding. The aesthetics to these makes them very enjoyable to work with and most certainly, these will carry into our productions! Without a doubt, I’d say a fantastic addition to any Zebra user! Absolutely blown away by these, Adam!” 

TRITONAL — (Air Up There | Armada | Spinnin | Flashover | Enhanced | Garuda | Anjunabeats)

“Loved it specially the chords and synths!!”

Ftampa — (Revealed | Doorn | Vicious)

“Just got my hands on these banks and I’m super impressed! There’s a huge variety of quality soundsets and banks from Alonso that I’ll most definitely be using in my next productions.” 

TyDi — (Armada – Armind, S107, AVA) | Universal)

“This Soundset is a great collection, taking the Sylenth1 to its limits! The sounds are very versatile, I will definitely use some presets in my future productions!”

MOGUAI — (Mau5trap | Size | Wall | Doorn | Musical Freedom)

“We love this soundset by Alonso Sound! You can go anywhere with this one, whether you want to go all-Dutch, Bigroom or just phat, pumping electro. The presets are good to go immediately, enabling one to produce with a very high sound quality. And also for the die-hard tweakers, the soundset forms a perfect starting point. We definitely vote yes on this one!!”

BASSJACKERS — (Wall | Musical Freedom | Spinnin | Hysteria)

“We are loving the Alonso Sound presets for Massive. They have become an integral part of the MYNC sound and are always a great starting point for our productions.”

MYNC — (Cr2 | Fly Eye | Big Beat)

“The Alonso Sound Clubstars Soundset is amazing, has some great sounds that im definitely going to use”

HENRIX — (Size | Mixmash | Virgin | Blackhole)

“The Alonso sound banks are dope! They are always amongst our “go to” banks and we’ve been using them in several of our latest productions.”

SULTAN & NED SHEPARD — (Harem | Musical Freedom | Ultra | Toolroom | Flamingo)

“If you’re looking for a on-the-spot sounds crafted with the leading force of software synthesizers these days, you will most certainly have to check out the patches, banks and presets of Alonso Sound. Not only did he recreate modern and popular sounds used by all the big players but also formed massive and incomparable unique Leads, Pads and Basses, which anyone will find inspiring and helpful to enhance his or her production. Without a doubt these patches are leading in quality and usability.”

Alex M.O.R.P.H — (Armind | ASOT | Ultra | Vandit | Enhanced | Anjunabeats)

“I love the soundbanks from Alonso! The banks with a wide range of powerful sounds, are a great starting point to tweak it to your own taste. You will definitely hear some presets back in my new upcoming records. The banks are a must have for every producer of various styles.”

RALVERO — (Spinnin | Hysteria | Ultra | Sony)

“Alonso sound are one of the best presets for Sylenth 1. Fat and wide sounds? So cool for producing electro tracks. Thank you”

JOACHIM GARRAUD — (Space Invader | Ultra | Spinnin | Armada)

“Love the parts! especially the kick samples are soooo mental, will support it for sure! (***)” 

ANGGER DIMAS — (Dim Mak | Vicious | Ultra | Spinnin)

“Really loving the sound sets and have been using them on my upcoming productions. Thanks again for sending and highly recommend them!”

MICHAEL BRUN — (Phazing | Revealed)

“These sounds are sick. Very refreshing to use. Been using them in all the tracks i’ve been working on lately! Highly recommended.”


SPECIAL FEATURES — (Phazing | So Much Dada | Stealth)

“Your sounds gave my synths a facelift. Really wonderful to play with sounds that were programmed with such care.”

GABRIEL & DRESDEN — (Armada | Ultra | Toolroom | Coldharbour)

“WOW! Love the patches from Alonso Sound! Great, current and big room sounds for us to use on our tracks, really well put together and great variety as well. Will definitely be using these on our tracks from now on!”

THOSE USUAL SUSPECTS — (Phazing | Ultra | Hussle)

“Nice to have some new sound sets which are up-to -date and of high quality. These sounds are perfect for every style and a great way to keep your creativity flowing. I will definitely use this in my productions.”

MAARTEN VORWERK — (Spinnin | Axtone | Musical Freedom | Wall | Armada)

“Soundsets are essential for artists that have to work fast and still want to bring the right quality. With the presets from Alonso Sound you can get the right inspiration. A perfect starting point for us to tweak a sound just how we want it to be. Stacking up Sylenth1 synths with Alonso gives our track more depth and a bigger feel. For every credible producer out there try some Alonso sounds to give you the right direction!”

SickIndividuals — (Axtone | Spinnin | Size |Armada)

“If you’re after that bigroom club hit sound then look no further; Alonso has it all – huge riff synths, speaker shaking basslines & anthemic arps. Its easy to use and tried and tested in my own productions.”

KRYDER — (Musical Freedom | Revealed | Axtone | Trice | Spinnin | Cr2)

“Your packs are really cool, sounds are clean and very useful, a sure help for all house and mainroom producers!” 

NDKJ — (Toolroom | Hotfingers | Spinnin | Cr2 | Strictly Rhytm | Heatflow)

“Love the Alonso soundsets! Strong and unique, and we will definitely be giving them a whirl in future projects.”

FEENIXPAWL — (Axtone | Big Beat | Ultra | Neon)

“Alonso has done an amazing job on this latest soundest. Sounds awesome and will definitely tweak some for my upcoming releases.”

RICHARD DURAND — (Blackhole | In Search of Sunrise | Perfecto)

“Alonso sound banks are amazing! They give us a stelar selection of leads, basses, plucks and pads that we can easily use in our tracks.”

MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS — (Phazing | So Much Dada | Ultra | Big Beat)

“Loving the Alonso Soundsets. I’m currently playing around with the Rising Star soundset for Massive and due to the clever macro programming it’s extremely easy to tweak the sounds to your liking. Perfect starting point for any EDM production!”

MARK SIXMA — (Mainstage| Armada | Flashover | ASOT | Black Hole)

“First of all im a huge fan of Sylenth1. I use it in every track and cant get enough of this little awesome sounding vst. Really love that new bank from Adam! It has everything i need for a decent progressive Coldharbour style monster or trancy bigroom track. Sounds are very inspirational and believe me, there’s a lots of great sounds to discover! This new soundset from Adam is definitely top addition to my collection and will find its way to my new productions for sure!”

BEAT SERVICE — (Blackhole | Armada – Coldharbour, S107 | Captivate)

“Just tried the Alonso massive presets and they are FRESH!!! Cant wait to use them in my productions. There are some familiar sounds which are a great starting point and then let the awesome macro tweeking begin”

MIND ELECTRIC — (Rising Music | Mixmash | Cr2 | Vicious | Big Beat | Neon)

“These soundsets are incredible! The sounds are as rich and warm as they get and the fact that they include macro programming makes it super easy and fun to tweak them to your own likes. Perfect for getting my productions the next level!”

ESTIVA — (Enhanced | Coldharbour | Anjunabeats | Ministry of Sound)

“A very well programmed soundbank with lots of familiar sounds. Not only can these sounds be used by upcoming producers getting in the game, but also for established professionals. I can’t wait to start exploring the full potentials of this bank and see where it goes. From the sound of it already it seems very promising”

BJORN AKESSON — (Future Sound of Egypt | ASOT | Arisa | Blackhole)

“Love the soundsets, will use them in a lot of my work!”

FIRST STATE — (Blackhole | Ultra | Vandit)

“I have to say this honestly, I was really surprised how someone so young can produce top notch presets. I am using them in my recent tracks which are signed to Blue Soho, Arisa Audio or Enhanced. It’s a huge addition to any producer! I can only recommend sounds by Alonso.”

Pizz@dox (FSOE | Enhanced | Arisa Audio)

“Finally a VERY usable couple of banks to use on the day-to-day basis! The vast majority of each bank, especially the Electro Bass one, fit extremely well into almost any mix I have tried them on, with almost zero tweaking! Effects are tastefully and judiciously used, leaving producers a lot more room for their own touch on each sound. Great work Adam!”

SEAN TYAS — (Armada | Tytanium | Doorn | Sirup)

“My first time going thru the banks I “bookmarked” several sounds to be used in my future productions, Adam’s sound set is very current and inspiring!”

DARUDE — (EnMass Music | Robbins Entertainment | Ultra)

“I really like the new Alonso soundset for Sylenth. Cutting edge and relevant go-to sounds for todays dance music. No fillers, only useful material. Quite possibly all the synth sounds I need for my next track.”

BASTO! — (Ultra | Spinnin’ | EMI | Black Hole | Dirty Dutch)

“I find Alonso Sound’s Sylenth1 soundsets offer a great starting point for most any EDM production. A selection of good modern clubsounds and familiar oldkool techno vibes that i find very useful to lay down parts fast! Plus, you don’t have to browse through hundreds of presets to find the one you need. There are no endless ‘drowned in fx’ sounds (thankfully! Enough of those already..) but straightup building blocks you can insert and use. Good solid leads. The modwheel is programmed to add an extra dimension, very suitable for breaks and buildups. The bass sounds are in the range where they need to be. There’s warm pads, cool arps and fx. Really, there’s nothing bad I can say about the sounds. These will all complement your preset arsenal. I’m glad to have them. Check them out. Support the designer.”

SILVIO ECOMO — (DJ Chuckie | Dirty Dutch Music)

“If you’re looking for synth sounds with instant usability, fire up your favorite synth and load up an Alonso Sound bank. The sounds are top notch and are truly ready for the dance floor.”

DJ BAM BAM — (LE7ELS | Big Beat/Atlantic Records | Fly House Records)

“I got the CLUBSTARS SOUNDSETS from Alonso some weeks ago and since then, I have used them in my daily production work. The sound is fantastic and overall it’s a very usefull package for electonic music production . All presets suit the sound of today very well and you don´t even have to tweak the soundset all. Check out the great lead sounds!”

DOMINIK DE LEON — (Armada | Flamingo | Toolroom | Size | Big & Dirty)

“Sylenth 1 is one of my favourite synths and I’m always on the look out to increase my arsenal of patches. These soundsets contained some really useful sounds, especially the basses and stabs – Very clean and punchy!”

LANGE — (Lange | Anjunabeats | Blackhole | Armada)

“OK just WOW, this is quality stuff! The wide variety of patches, from lush leads to bright stabby plucks and punchy deep basses while all still maintaining their definition really makes Adam Alonso’s soundbank my go to soundbank when using Massive. Loving it – highly recommended!”

RAFAEL FROST — (Flashover | Ultra | Armada | Vandit | Garuda)

snt“We tested Alonso’s Clubstars Soundset on Sylenth 1 and we are highly impressed! We even had an idea for a track while browsing the presets. So, you will definitely hear some of Alonso’s sounds in Stoneface & Terminal’s future productions!”

STONEFACE & TERMINAL — (Euphonic | Anjunabeats | Armada | Vandit)

“Godlike monstrous basses, million thoughts what could we do with that! What needs attention, I haven’t heard such nice fx’es since long time. Can’t omit here my favourite part – those plucks, they are so awesome! We have already used them in a few of our tracks that have been supported by the worldwide leading DJ’s like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Above and Beyond, Judge Jules and many more.”

THE FLYERS & MIKE SONAR — (Armada | Enhanced | Shah

“Big fan of Alonso’s sounds, they sound really fat and are a great addition to my productions! Highly recommended!”

JORDAN SUCKLEY — (BBC Radio 1 | Spinnin Records)

“The sounds are cutting edge and very suitable for modern day Trance, House and Progressive with a bite.”

MENNO DE JONG — (Anjunabeats | Armada | Vandit | Enhanced)

“After having take a bit of a break from Sylenth, maybe mostly because the original banks are a bit like jpegs with little substance and all fx flying around, I get renewed faith with these two banks. Clean, deep, good sounding patches, not overly processed and a joy to go through. Definite must and hey, one of the major advantages with Sylenth is that it doesn’t hog up your CPU after two instances!”

STONEBRIDGE — (Stoney Boy | Cr2 | Ministry of Sound | Strictly Rhythm)

“Sylenth1 is quickly becoming my one of my favourite VSTs, and now Adam’s soundbank makes it even better. The sounds are great for anything from progressive house to banging trance. And unlike most soundbanks which are meant for ‘trance’, they aren´t all cheesy supersaws and overly detuned pads. The sounds are all very usable and very easy to tweak for your own productions. Highly recommended!”

ROBERT NICKSON — (ASOT | Anjunabeats | Re*Brand | Soundpiercing)

“Im a big fan of the sylenth1…the warmth and crisp sound of it just works for me and im always making use of it. This soundset adds to its delight and truly shows what the synth can do in terms of ‘phat’ sounds…if your a fan of the anjunadeep sound, prog house and trance then this is a very handy soundset.” 

TEMPLE ONE — (Enhanced | ASOT)

“Sylenth1 is my goto synth for a lot of my projects these days because of the ease of use and simplicity. I was really impressed with these preset libraries from Alonso Sounds, they’re a great addition to anyone’s preset library. They tend to sit really well in the mix and there’s a huge range of everything from filthy baselines, with which I was particularly impressed, to crystal clear plucks and stabs. Great work guys, will definitely be including some of these sounds on future productions!”

PROTOCULTURE — (Armada / Re*Brand Records)

“Alonso Clubstars soundset is a bank every producer should have! It helps with all dance music productions.”

AUDIOBOT — (Party Rock (LMFAO) | Island | Mixmash | Cr2)

‘I love Alonso’s sound banks and sample packs. These quality samples and presets are definitely speeding up my workflow. Gonna use this a lot in my future productions.”

Rene Kuppens — (Revealed | Columbia | Dimmak | Armada | Pinkstar

“We are very big fans of Slavik’s sound design work. This new Sylenth bank works really nice, we like how punchy the bass sound and how clear and defined leads are. Definitely recommended” 

Driftmoon — (ASOT | Enhanced | Blackhole | Abora )

“Awesome! Great stuff here and sounds very useful!”

Maor Levi — (Anjunabeats | Spinnin |Ultra | ASOT)

“This is awesome! Very solid fundamental sounds which a lot of soundbanks stray from nowadays…also a ton of options which is nice! Not just 30 presets like some of the others. All around great soundbank!”

Pierce Fulton — (So Much Dada | Cr2 | Anjunabeats | Dim Mak)

“Loving this soundset from Alonso Sound! We will definitely be using these in all our upcoming productions!”

Signum — (Armada | ASOT | Anjunabeats)
Sick Individuals
Nari & Milani
Above & Beyond
First State
Bingo Players
Pierce Fulton
Sultan and Ned Shepard
Paris and Simo
Mark Sixma
Deniz Koyu
Angger Dimas
Chris Reece
Thomas Gold
Nicky Romero
Joachim Garraud