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Alonso Snacks Chiptune Bytes


Chiptune Bytes Vol. 1 is a collection of 83 vintage presets of the 80s/90s game era. Recreate the retro arcade experience and bring the nostalgic element of classic gaming into your music.

Each preset has modwheels assigned to give you more control shaping your sound. Additionally, each preset for Serum and Spire have all 4 macros programmed, to make it easier than ever to modulate your sound out-of-the-box.

Chiptune Bytes Vol. 1 is the perfect tool for any producer looking for inspirational chiptune emulations.

Alonso Massive 8bit Soundset


The 8bit Soundset explores the classic sounds of the 80s/90s game era but also exploits its multi-use in today’s contemporary music. So whether you want to make music with a classic gamey touch or delve into its eccentric use in present-day electronic dance music, the Alonso Massive 8bit Soundset is for you.